NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement

January 5, 2009



Setting Direction

“The outstanding leader sets a vision for the future, drawing on their political awareness of the health and social care context. This political astuteness and their vision for the future is underpinned by Intellectual flexibility. Coupled with Drive for results, this sense of Seizing the future is key in inspiring and motivating others to work with them.

Seizing the future

High performing leaders ACT NOW to shape the future. They are motivated to take action to achieve a radically different future – one in which health services are truly integrated and focused on the needs of patients.

Features of this quality include:
● Making the most of current opportunities to bring about improvements that are of benefit to staff, carers or patients.
● Being able to interpret the likely direction of changes in the health service and beyond – using their political astuteness.
● Using their insights into the broad strategic direction of health and social care to help shape and implement the approaches and culture in their organisation, and to influence developments across the wider health and social care context.
● Underpinning their vision and action with a strong focus on local needs.
● Being prepared to undertake transformational, rather than just incremental, change where this will achieve service improvement.”