Bruges Group – The Lisbon Treaty

February 27, 2009



“The Red Lines
The Government claims to have defended the UK’s sovereignty so that the Lisbon Treaty will not be able to affect; taxation, social security, foreign and defence policy and justice and home affairs. They also assert that there is an opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. These are the so-called red lines.

Annexed to the Treaty are Protocols and Declarations, designed to enforce the red lines, however they do not have sufficient legal force, and are often too vaguely worded, to defend Britain’s interests from encroachment by the EU.

Michael Connarty MP has also said on behalf of the European Scrutiny Committee,

“We believe that the red lines will not be sustainable. Looking at the legalities and use of the European Court of Justice, we believe these will be challenged bit by bit and eventually the UK will be in a position where all of the treaty will eventually apply to the UK. If they can’t get these things firmed up, we think they will leak like a sieve.”

Even if the red lines were effective as the Government claims they can only defend British interests as long as the Government is determined to protect our freedoms and independence.”