Demos 2050



“Here are some of the things we’ve already done or are about to do:

* The future of the New Zealand public sector – a scenario planning exercise involving over 100 trade unionists

* Police training – a future planning exercise that we’ve done with over 150 senior police officers over the past few years

* Glasgow 2020 – an ‘exercise in mass imagination’ involving lots of Glaswegians in building a vision for their city

* Picture This! – a futures tool we’ve used to help organisations look at where they go next with education. Partners have included Kent and Clackmannanshire councils.

* A futures workshop with the OECD DAC and DIFD on creating a shared vision of security sector reform

* The programme for talented Labour councillors – a training porgramme for local politicians based on scenario techniques.

* The future of recruitment – how will people look for work in 15 years time?”



One Response to Demos 2050

  1. […] it relevant that DEMOS seems to be following the lead of the USA’s NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE […]

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