Civitas – Third Sector and Social Enterprise in Health



“Indeed, ‘set us free’ was the overwhelming message from delegates. Lord Mawson provided the following observations:

* Drill into the detail of consequences. I thought I’d find religion in churches, but I found them in the NHS – it’s full of talk of health inequalities, making everything equal and fair, but it’s the patients that pay the price.

* Create cultures that back success. Many people spring up who are very good at what they do, yet systems too often undermine their work. We need to reward them.

* Take a long-term view. It’s about listening to people to make things work and above all about learning-by-doing.

* Grow together. Public vs. private and voluntary sector vs. private sector is an out-dated concept.

* Create an enterprise culture. Children need to breathe in the entrepreneurial traditions aged 6, not 16.

* Beware of politicians from all parties; the ‘johnny-come-latelies’ and the political culture based on ‘come and go’. Five years is a very short time.

* Be a lot more radical. We have to move this on and think about how to cut out the bureaucracy, to get hold of problems and really learn and try to apply a solution.

* Quality leadership. We need to back people before structures.

* Recognise that health is not an illness service. People are healthier when they are empowered.

* Prove that you are better. Measurement will have limitations in terms of integrated, holistic responses to human problems, but we need to show how money’s been saved and how much quality we’re providing. “


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