Darzi – BMA position statement on NHS Next Stage Review




21. The BMA will study the recommendations made in the final reports of the Next Stage Review and continue to attempt to influence the process in the interests of patients, the profession and the future of the NHS as a whole.

22. The effective engagement and buy-in of clinicians and patients will be fundamental to the success of the NHS Next Stage Review. However, the experience of BMA representatives’ involvement at the various levels of the review leads us to be sceptical that genuine engagement with the profession will be achieved across all regions and nationally without a fundamental cultural change in government, SHAs and local management. Furthermore, a recent public opinion poll commissioned by the BMA found that 7 out of 10 people are not aware of Lord Darzi’s review of the NHS and so the review does not appear to be as far reaching as has been claimed. It is essential for future success that this process is clinically led in partnership with the public.

Only by engaging on an on-going basis with clinicians and the public in a meaningful way will the NHS be able to provide the best possible care, tailored to local circumstances and make the best use of finite resources in an increasingly challenging environment. The BMA will do its part to help meet these challenges and lead the way forward.

23. We hope that publication of the final review reports will mark the beginning of a much-needed period of stability for the NHS, which will allow time for the service to get to grips with the many changes and reforms that have been introduced in recent years. Producing an NHS that is professionally led, in partnership with patients, and that truly aspires to the excellence in quality care we all wish to deliver is a prize worth chasing.”


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